Replace the Noise. Hear Love with HeartStories.

  • July 31, 2013
  • INK Team

This post comes from INK alumna Rachael Genson.

It probably goes without saying that at one point in your life (or maybe multiple points), you’ve found yourself comparing your looks/job/family/life to others. Maybe in that comparison, your life came up short. Maybe it led you to believe that you weren’t good enough. That constant questioning and comparison is a problem that we all have suffered from, and is only exacerbated by posts on social media that portray the lives of friends, family and acquaintances as perfect.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

And Crystal Gornto doesn’t want it to be that way. So she created HeartStories, a new social app that helps women tune out the negative noise in their heads and tune into their true worth.

Us INKers are all about cool technology and women empowerment, so we jumped at the chance to help support Crystal’s launch of HeartStories and tell the world about this awesome project that is encouraging women to just be themselves. But what is HeartStories, and why do we feel such a connection to it?

HeartStories is an app that lets you build a circle with 10 women or less – those close friends who you really want to share your life with, the good AND the bad – and helps turn down the noise level of the negative things we tell ourselves everyday via three distinct steps:

  • Check in – Tell your friends how you’re feeling today by registering your feeling on the “Noise Meter”
  • Replace the Noise – Use the HeartStories “Daily Truth” to help get rid of those negative thoughts, and focus instead on the good virtues in life: love, honesty, truth, etc.
  • Mix It Up – Still feeling down? The “Remix Button” reminds you of those activities that always help ease your mind when the noise is just too loud.

Through this process, HeartStories hopes to replace the noise by getting honest about those life struggles and sharing our stories with those who really matter.

Cool, right? We thought so.

But the app isn’t ready quite yet. They’ve created a project on MoolaHoop (think of this as the KickStarter for women entrepreneurs) to raise enough money to build HeartStories and release it to the world. Check out the project page to see what HeartStories is all about (bonus points if you can spot the mug of our beloved CEO), follow their Twitter and Facebook page for project updates, and get talking.

HeartStories is ready to help replace the noise. Are you?

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