Putting the Thanks in Thanksgiving

  • November 24, 2010
  • Starr Million Baker

As the short week winds down quickly towards one of my favorite holidays of the year (2nd only to St. Patrick’s Day – beer and March Madness, hard to top), I wanted to take a few minutes to say “thanks” (I have A LOT to be thankful for, but will try to keep this short):

To my daughters, for making me smile NO MATTER WHAT in the world is going on, and for reminding me that it’s a great thing to step away from the MacBook/iPhone/iPad and watch life happening right in front of me as often as I can, because before I know it I’ll be begging them for the same courtesy (Georgia, I’m looking at you – 2 yrs old and already able to unlock the phone and go right to the games).

Me, Scarlett (my Tinkerbell) and Georgia (my lady bug) at the office, Halloween 2010.

To my husband, for being my partner in everything I tackle in life (from jumping out of planes to jumping off a cliff to keeping me from jumping out the window at various times ;-)).

To my partner, for still being my partner! You’ve put up with me for longer than my husband, actually. Bless you for that. 😉 I love that we’re not only still kicking around together, but getting better at it every day.

This is Kari, 2 days before Hayes, and Starr, 20 days before Scarlett. Taking that whole partnership thing a little too far? Nah!

To my colleagues, for being such a kick-ass team. All of you are rock stars in your own right and I appreciate you bringing your own special talents to the INK team and to our clients’ business.

To Eric Schneider, my oldest client, dear friend and amazing mentor, who to this day – even from an ocean away – continues to give insightful advice and constructive criticism that I really could not do without. Perhaps I should thank PN for you, but I’ll credit UT instead. 😉

To my clients, thanks for keeping it interesting, thanks for being true partners, and cheers to 2011!

And lastly, thank you to Blair Poloskey who will read this post and throw up a little bit in her mouth at how sappy it is, thus motivating her to write a much more helpful and interesting blog post about the business at hand, maybe updating you on what she’ll be doing at CES 2011. (Well, I hope that’s the case, though since she’s had Jacob she’s become quite sappy as well – kids will do that to you).

Give Thanks this Thanksgiving and share in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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