Point, Shoot, & Increase Brand Loyalty with Instagram

  • August 22, 2013
  • INK Team

This post comes from INK graphic design intern Ryan Riggins. (@RyanRigginsPhoto on Instagram).

These days, it is fairly common knowledge that a company can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to create added value for their brand – but many companies are still unsure how to do so with Instagram.  While I’m biased to the platform as a photographer, graphic designer, and all-around visual learner, Instagram can be an effective tool for any company.

Instagram is significant because its full features are only available on smartphones, which people typically carry on them at all times – keeping your brand at their fingertips. Why is this important for your company? With Instagram, there is no limit to when or where you can share information with those loyal consumers who make the conscious choice to follow your brand.

How can your company use Instagram? Here are a few helpful content tips and examples from companies who have put Instagram to work creating added value for their brand.

Use Instagram to give your followers insight into company culture and history.

Levi’s captured the printing process of their 140-year catalogue to provide insight into company history as well as the projects they had in the works.

Levis Instagram


Showcase your products in action with Instagram videos.

GE let their followers see how they “geek out” about their products by posting this video of their new jet engine.

GE Jet Video



Promote a campaign with Instagram and encourage user submissions.

Red Bull frequently uses photos of their sponsored athletes at work promoting their “#givesyouwings” slogan and campaign.

Red Bull Instagram



Give your followers a behind-the-scenes peak into the real-time happenings at your company.

Mission Workshop captured their employees in the middle of their morning broadcast.

Mission Workshop Instagram



Host a contest or sale exclusively for Instagram followers.

The Union Co. drove their followers to their website by promoting a giveaway of one of their Epic Timepiece watches on Instagram.

Union Co.