The Pit Stop: Social media moves fast. Refuel to keep up.

  • January 31, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of your New Year’s resolution attempts. Your reward? The second edition of The Pit Stop, a new monthly blog series from INK. Read on to keep up with all things social, including updates, features, ad capabilities, and partnerships, compliments of our all-things-social digital specialist Carly Ilvento. There’s more of The Good Stuff to come each month from Carly, so keep coming back.


Nonprofits can dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the Facebook algorithm without a paid budget.

Everyone’s flipping their lid over the new Facebook algorithm and screaming that you need to invest in paid. But what about social media stunnas who don’t have that budget? (I’m looking at you, you badass nonprofit). Don’t fret – there is more than one way to peel a banana, especially for nonprofits who might not have additional budget at the ready for social advertising. Let me break down how you can fake out Facebook’s new algorithm with all of your amazing organic, non-paid content.

  • Step One: You already have amazing content. From success stories and exceeded fundraising goals to sold out events, your content is on fire. Take what performed best this past year or quarter and expand on it, building a shiny and new marketing plan around that content.
  • Step Two: Once you receive more and more engagement from your thought- and click-provoking content, make sure your graphics and images are up to par. Generating conversation with post copy is easy, but generating conversation with post copy accompanied by a compelling image or graphic is successful. Make your content textually and visually appealing.
  • Step Three: Give what you receive. Respond to your followers, answer their questions, and continue to look for opportunities to engage. Show your human side. This will ensure your content will show on your followers’ news feeds.
  • Step Four: Try something completely new like a Facebook Live event at your next 5K or auction. Live videos get six times as many reactions as regular video posts. There’s really nothing to lose.

To Snapchat infinity and beyond!

Snappers! Stop your 280-second Snap Story from the One Republic concert you’re bawling at and listen up. It’s time to not be so vain and show your friends some love. Snapchat will soon allow users to share Stories from the Discover tab and Search Stories.

Have friends who are too cool for Snapchat? Snap is hoping this external share of content will show the ‘Grammers a thing or two about what the platform can do: exist without puppy ears, Bitmoji breakdancing, and (apparently) #nofilter 8-second snaps. Weird, you weren’t wearing that flower crown when we got coffee this morning, Kevin.

Brands who are snapping away: your content can now live longer than 24 hours…so make it pop! Discover tab stories will last 30 days outside of Snapchat while Search Stories will still only last 24 hours. Only 24 hours?! Yeah, I didn’t stutter. That’s still a ton of time to make an impression (and gain an impression) from someone who’s not even on the platform. Make your content sing so it’s not only share-worthy but outside-of-Snapchat share-worthy. Just don’t sing in the background while promoting the One Republic concert. That never sounds good…ever.

“It’s about time, Instagram,” said everyone ever.

Brands and agencies everywhere are slow clapping, popping champagne, and… thanks to the new feature from Instagram, scheduling ‘grams ahead of time. The ‘Gram tried to keep all photos and videos “in the moment” until this glorious update.

Currently, this feature is only available to business profiles that use social management tools like Hootsuite, Spredfast, or Sprout Social. Unless brands and agencies want to wait until early 2019 to make their lives a whole lot easier, get to stepping toward those third-party tools.

If you’re thinking: “This is perfect! I can schedule our Super Bowl promo video now so I can actually watch the game!” Not so fast, Tom Brady bandwagon fan one of 1 billion. This feature only works for photos, not videos. You’ll have to miss part of the possible Deflategate part two to go post that video.

Brands should keep this shift away from real-time sharing at top of mind when brainstorming content. Think of not only what’s going on right now that could boost engagement, but what’s coming up next. The Instagram world is your scheduling oyster! (For photos only, that is.)