The Pit Stop: Pinterest is Now The Life of The Party

  • September 25, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

Save this month’s Pit Stop to your “falling for fall” board on Pinterest because the ruler of all things recipe, fashion, and DIY is only getting bigger. With a 25% increase in active Pinterest users, a test of tagging users on Instagram videos, and a throwback to the old chronological Twitter feed on this week’s Pit Stop, you’re going to need to stop pinning everything pumpkin spice and follow along.

This just in: Brands not only need to be advertising more on Pinterest, but they also need to be switching gears to make these ads appeal to pinners outside of the U.S. Advertising on Pinterest may seem like a foreign land to most brands. Well, you better hop on a flight and take an immersive safari tour to get you up to speed, because now with 250 million active users (a 25% increase from last year) and 80% of those new users coming from outside of the U.S., certain brand markets should be fighting to get to the front of the DIY Halloween costume, wedding dress inspo, and better than Betty Crocker cookie recipe-filled starting line now.

Not sure where to start? Here are some best practices for pushing your products on Pinterest:

  • Figure out who your audience is, where they’re from, and what they’re searching for when trying to find your product on Pinterest.
  • From there, develop a list of keywords. Think of alternative search terms, events, and competitors that can be used to describe your brand on Pinterest.
  • Utilize Actalike Audiences: This is similar to Facebook’s Lookalike feature and Google’s Similar feature. A major difference, though, is that Actalike only requires an audience size of 100 users to create the audience so you can be exclusive.
  • Pick images and videos optimized for desktop, mobile, and for the users’ beloved Pinterest boards. Sizing and text matters. Think about it some more.
  • Choose the best landing page possible. Once you get a user here, then you’re smooth sailing.



Don’t you just hate when you take all of those Instagram videos and then you can’t tag your friends in them? Yeah, I don’t post videos either. However, the ‘gram is testing ways to tag friends in videos. It might be a little more complicated than image tags that use a simple screen tap. To keep the sound on and video playing, this tagging test brings users to a different screen within the app, listing all tagged users.

Sound a little annoying? Ding ding! It is, but you have to tag moving parts in some way and this is the current solution. While this feature is indeed a test, brands should be ready to think of how tagging people, influencers, etc. could improve their Instagram content. Don’t go tag-happy if video tagging happens IRL. Keep optimal, engagement-focused content at top of mind so you can stay at the top of user feeds.


(Social Media Today)

Praise be to that little blue bird! Chronological “we-don’t-care-about-algorithm” timelines are coming back to Twitter (if users wish). Twitter announced it is adding an option for users to switch back to the chronological timeline that started it all.

While this does give users more control, brands need to realize this change can either help or hurt their engagement and traffic. If you were impressed with how Twitter was delivering your content to users before via the algorithm, you may experience a slight decline in engagement. If you were in between another tweet about Chrissy Teigen and a hard place when brainstorming what you could do better with your Twitter content, maybe this timeline change will help you. Regardless, brands need to take note of how their content is delivered to users and pivot to try and work with this new algorithm-less algorithm. More likely than not, tweeters will be throwing it back to the good old days of chronological timeline.