Opportunity: It's a Philosophy

  • November 18, 2010
  • Starr Million Baker

Todd Defren at SHIFT Communications had an interesting blog post yesterday on PR Squared about the talented “young guns” – and when I say interesting, I mean I could totally relate. As our business grows here at INK, I find myself spending more and more time contemplating our talent – how do we find it, keep it, nurture it, grow it and ensure it keeps up the quality work we are known for by our clients. Kari and I count ourselves so lucky to have the extraordinarily talented team that we do, and believe me when I say we are constantly thinking about what we can do to ensure they feel challenged, driven, motivated, and encouraged to continue to be the best.

While we hope our talent stays and grows, I know one philosophy we believe wholeheartedly at INK will serve them well both here and beyond – that’s the wholehearted belief that there is an opportunity in every task. A coverage report is not just a coverage report, but an opportunity to find a new reporter to pitch and a pitch idea to go with it. A status document is the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility of work beyond the specific “role” of that team player. And those baseline speaker’s bureau databases? While they might seem on the surface like just another Excel doc to update, they truly represent the opportunity to make our clients shine in front of their peers and customers. And no matter the task – nor the level of the team member (young gun or old fart alike ;-)), that’s what we’re all about – making our clients shine. The INK “young guns” know that when their clients shine, so do they. And if they remind me of what they’re doing on that front from time to time, all the better (we’re also big believers in marketing ourselves – no one else is going to do it for you).

Are you turning your “everyday tasks” into opportunities? Give it a shot – you’ll be surprised at the results.

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