Ep. 59: Using Technology to Improve Student Lives

  • September 20, 2018
  • Joey Held

Show Notes

In this 59th episode of The Good Stuff & The Noise, Kari and Joey sit down with Amy Looper and Beth Carls of One|Seventeen Media. Nearly 20 years ago, Beth and Amy took their Internet consulting company public. And after seeing 8,164% growth in 35 months, it would be easy to rest on their laurels. But that’s not how Beth and Amy function. Instead, they put their passions into founding technology company One|Seventeen Media. Beth and Amy’s hustle is inspiring, and their company is truly saving lives.

The duo chats about going “from stripper to startup” (it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds) and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. They discuss how the One|Seventeen Media technology works with kids via the social tools they’re already familiar with. Students are more comfortable with One|Seventeen Media, too. They share five times more information than they do during face-to-face interaction.

While those findings are helpful on a day-to-day level, One|Seventeen Media has long-term benefits, too. Beth and Amy share a story of how they were able to identify a potential school shooter through their technology. And they have a lot more planned to help students of all ages feel like their voices are being heard.

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