Om says read this, chill out

  • May 29, 2012
  • Kari Hernandez

OK, I admit it, I’m just back from vacation and I’m already thinking about next weekend. To that end, I’ve come to look forward to Om Malik’s weekly “7 stories to read over the weekend” posts (or emails if you subscribe to GigaOm’s email newsletters). This is a man who, aside from being an esteemed technology journalist, entrepreneur and Silicon Valley influencer, and perhaps because of that, seems to seek out balance as I do. The weekend reads are fun (at least for geeks and workaholics like us) and often focus on how to chill out and refocus your energy. Last weekend, I particularly liked the article on “to think lists” and made one for myself this week. Also, ten reasons to slow down from unclutterer promotes the concept that slowing down (long enough to create a “to think” list, for instance) actually leads to greater productivity. So this weekend, kick your feet up, enjoy a frosty beverage and read what Om tells you to read. Is it Friday yet?

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