Oh Press Release

  • May 14, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

Oh, the lowly Press Release. So many blog posts have been dedicated to your existence – are you dead, are you passe, are you just too worthless to be relied upon? We often tell our clients a press release is a necessary evil in terms of getting all spokespeople and reporters on the same page when it comes to the basics of the news (yep, those 5 W’s and that one H). We don’t rely on it as a coverage driver, but as a messaging guide – we do this because often the press releases our clients finally do approve are chock full of industry jargon and not of much use to reporters in their final state.

BUT, consider this – what if the press release actually did contain all of the information needed, as was the case with this GE/Nuventix release we had the pleasure of pitching around last week. We pitched this news under embargo, and the response was staggering – not only did reporters from NY Times, USA Today and WSJ (among others) agree to the embargo (I mean yes, it was GE), but they only had one obvious question, which was the one answer left out of the press release – how much does it cost.

The press release contained the majority of the key information, PLUS it had pictures! (Novel idea, I know.) It was well written and picked up all over the place, proving that no the press release isn’t dead, or passe, or even worthless – it just needs to be done right. Kudos to GE’s internal PR guy Dave for getting the most out of a tried-and-true PR tactic.

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