Officially Introducing: INK West

  • February 22, 2016
  • Starr Million Baker

Last August, my family and I made the personal decision to try our hand at living in a new place. Because my personal life is intertwined wholly with my professional one, the place we chose to explore had to make sense for both. I’m excited today to announce on behalf of INK: that place is Denver, Colorado. Let me be the first to formally introduce you to INK West.

To be sure, you’ve likely had an inkling. After all, we talk about INK West on our social channels and we’ve already started building our presence in the Mile High City. This blog post is to answer some questions you might have had and ensure we’re all on the same page with our recent expansion.

So where is INK “from” now?

INK is now, and always will be, born, bred, and headquartered in Austin, Texas. INK West is a satellite office – one that will have dedicated staff (3 so far, see below for introductions!), and lots of visitors from INK headquarters and our clients around the country.

What types of clients will the INK West team work with?

Regardless of office location, INK works with companies in the tech, clean energy, and consumer (particularly food & beverage and social good) industries. We do hope to grow our clientele in the Western region of the US (including Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle) and if proximity is a must to those clients then we’re there! We’ll also continue to work cross-client teams with our colleagues in Austin. After all, no matter where we sit, we currently have clients across the US, including New Jersey, Boston, Kansas City, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Denver (yep, already!), and Austin.

You already have clients in Denver?

We do! We began working with brand and marketing start-up Brandfolder in January – the company helps brands like Slack, Waze, Sphero, Under Armour, the Houston Texans, the Denver Avalanche, Mapquest, HealthONE (yep, amazing customer list for a two-year old company!) and more visually manage their brand assets. You need them, and you don’t even know it (we’re working to fix that).

And we’ve expanded our beer clientele roster by one with the honor of representing Oskar Blues (headquartered in Denver) with the opening of its new brewery in Austin. It’s the living client representation of our Austin-Denver connection. (We’re not the only ones who see these two cities as good places to call home.)

So who’s on the team?

Glad you asked! Amanda Colbert, Gabbie Mehan and Allyse Sanchez have taken on the challenge of being our INK West trailblazers. Already, these three are working on client teams across offices and becoming champs at using the plethora of tools at our disposal to stay integrated with our Austin folks and clients in multiple locations. They are also doing a bang-up job of getting the word out that there are INKer feet on the street in Denver and “out West.”

I’m a client (or thinking about becoming one). How does this impact me?

More likely than not, it won’t – unless setting up an in-person meeting in Denver is easier for you than Austin or your location. It’s our goal to provide the best work for your business regardless of our location or yours. We see the opening of INK West as an opportunity for more in-person time if proximity is something you look for in an agency partner; and it’s an opportunity for us to hire great team members for INK which could also be a positive for you.

We’re pumped about this latest INK evolution and excited to see where it will take us. If you have any additional questions or thoughts about INK West, please give me a shout at

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