Now Apple is Telling Me How to do My Job?

  • March 10, 2011
  • INK Team

The launch of the Apple iPod 2.0 last week was a bonanza and Gartner is predicting that increased growth of tablets will come at the expense of PCs.

As consumers look more and more to mobile devices as their source for media consumption, interaction with their social networks and more; I am reflecting on how this will impact the way I conduct my job.

Here is a great article written on this topic by The Horn Group’s, Ben Billingsley. Here are some points he addressed that I found particularly interesting:

“People crave media in all forms and the rise of tablet computers will make it easier for consumers to purchase and consume media where and when they want to – eMagazines, news, radio, videos, music and interesting combonations of all the above.”

I will seize the opportunity this presents. If people crave media in all forms, develop the multimedia assets and expertise to pitch and provide necessary resources for stories consumed on tablet computers and mobile devices.

“In addition, tablet computers will extend media consumption in ways that some have alluded to, but not many people have focused on – spreading technology to demographics currently underserved by digital media. Numerous YouTube videos of very young toddlers excitedly operating iPads have been uploaded. Despite attempts at simple operating systems, the iPad has delivered on that promise – a device that anyone can operate regardless of age or previous computer experience.

As the rise of the tablet computer expands media consumption to larger demographics, then that means more angles I can use to pitch clients. I am looking at the 50+ crowd, in particular. Seriously, when my sister-in-law showed off her iPad at the last family gathering, it was the sr. citizen crowd that was off in the corner playing with it all day.

“And, ironically, forms of journalism that many feared dead – long-form journalism included – will return. Increasingly, people are comfortable reading full-length books on their tablet computers; and, Amazon recently introduced Amazon Singles – the equivalent of novellas or long magazine articles.”

I can leverage this for clients that have the “tomorrow’s technology” story to tell. I believe it’s been a challenge for media to package these stories up in short little blog posts. They require more explanation and context. Longer form journalism will grease these wheels for clients with more technically granular tales.

Lots to think about and great timing as I’m off to SXSW Interactive this week. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for ways to up INK’s know how about the ever changing digital media distribution environment.

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