My Favorite Apps

  • October 25, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

As I held my phone up to my face for the 124th time today, the content of this blog post just came to me – my top 5 favorite apps:

#5: Harvest. My love for this timekeeping tool has been previously chronicled, but I have to give it props here too – so easy to add time on my phone (at a client meeting and not on laptop? No problem! Plug time in on my phone in three taps tops.)

#4: Nike Run. I love this app because it looks cool – nobody beats Nike at branding, it does everything I need it to do, and I actually like the little comments from the world’s best runners at the end of a run. And I need to use it more often so thought if I listed it here I’d be reminded to do that. ;–)

#3: 8×8. We recently started using VoIP phones and service at the office. Good lord, welcome to the 21st century people! Not only do we get great functionality at the office, but we get this app which is essentially like taking my desk phone with me wherever I go – and I don’t need to remember to forward my phone or to call into the office to check my voice mail when I’m traveling (yeah right, like that ever happened). Love it.

#2: Circa. Have you downloaded this yet? Do you read the news? Then you should. Circa editors sit in front of computers all day and read all of the top stories from all different sources. They then put the key points from all of the sources together into their own “stories” which you can scroll through in the app, sharing a point of a story or the whole thing, following a point or the whole thing (which you’ll then get updated on as new points arise). I like the clean design, the way the app is laid out, and getting my news from multiple sources without the pain of getting it from multiple sources.

#1: Starbucks. Yep, I said it. In my life, convenience reigns supreme. And, it’s the app that still feels like magic every single time I use it, the one that racks up reward points by me using it, the app that never lets me down (and lets me run into the coffee shop with just keys and phone in hand). Mobile payment is here, no joke.

Honorable Mention: Pinterest. I only use Pinterest on my phone, and only to browse sections and repin stuff to my boards for future reference (yeah, right). I like using it this way – it’s a fun distraction when I want something to distract me.

Loser: Passbook. WTH? So far this does nowhere near anything Apple described it would do. I was excited about the description; am annoyed by the reality.

Share your list when you get a chance. I’m always looking for a new one!

One response to “My Favorite Apps”

  1. Kaylah says:

    Thanks for sharing these Starr! I haven’t tried out any of these apps before, so I’m very curious now to do so; especially that Starbucks app. I’m a regular at the store near my house, so I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of it before. I’m picky when it comes to my favorites, but some of them include: Turtles, Huh?, Facebook, TurboCollage, DISH Remote Access, Chase, Pandora, and an app for my car payment. They all come in handy, but I mostly use DISH Remote Access since I’m always on the go for my job. I load up tons of TV shows and movies to my DVR, and now that my coworker at DISH got me a Sling Adapter, I’m able to use the app to watch all of those recordings or live TV anywhere I go in the world. It’s especially nice when I know a favorite show of mine is airing and I’m stuck half way across the country! 🙂

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