My CES Adventure

  • January 17, 2012
  • Candice Eng

Hope everyone had a good time at CES 2012 and that you’re recovering from your week there.

Not only was this my first INK business trip, it was also my first tech trade show and it was my first CES (Consumer Electronics Show, as I had to explain to many of my friends not in tech or PR).

Talk about doing it big for a lot of “firsts”. I’ve heard about CES since my agency interning days in college.

The things I had heard people say about CES:

– Your feet will hurt.

– You don’t get much sleep.

– It’s massive. It’s crazy. It’s hectic. It’s a lot of cool, new gadgets and technology. It’s a spectacle. It’s a lot to see in just a couple of days.

And yes, it was all of the above.

First things first, the CES checklist:

– Find that CES badge: I received it months ago but set it aside because “Oh, I don’t need this”.

– Book flight: Always take the non-stop, because at the end of the week you can’t wait to get home and into your own bed.

– Pack: dress to impress (no homeless-looking clothes allowed), no heels (but even wearing flats will still cause your feet to ache), business cards (networking) and cough drops (to fend off any leftover or incoming colds or cedar fever).

*Personal note that I must share because I am so proud of myself: Usually it takes me hours to pack, because my method is to take everything I own and throw it on my bed and then slowly weed out things I don’t like. Packing for CES took me just ONE hour!

– Learn everything you can about CES and what your clients are doing there: read those web sites, memorize the briefing book and if you need help, I hope you are as lucky as I was to have colleagues and PROS like Helen Rodriguez, Allison Glass, Blair Poloskey, Starr Baker and Kari Hernandez to show you the way!

I was truly amazed and impressed at how these ladies handled themselves, kept it together, carried themselves with confidence and knocked everything out of the park – using the INK spirit, creativity and hard work to secure top-tier meetings and make some happy clients.

What does SUPER mean to you? INK PR, of course. Artwork thanks to Allison Glass.


What I learned from my first CES:

1. You will do as much talking as you do walking.

2. Take those CES maps everywhere – Though even with them, I still managed to end up at the opposite end of the show floor from where we needed to be.

3. You tip the valet when you pick up the car, not when you drop it off. (I’m such a newbie to this elite lifestyle.)

4. Always have water – Vegas is in the desert and the water supply could run out at any time.

Stepping onto the CES show floor.

5. Lots of moving parts and coordination – schedule of what INKers and clients are doing each day, who will have the vehicles, who will be where, when and at what time… wait say that again!?!

6. Prepare, smile and have confidence – It’s all about presentation and after repeating the same spiel a couple times, you’ll get it.

7. Learn from the best – Listening to your clients and colleagues do their thing is a great way to soak up some knowledge.

8. Bond with your clients and co-workers – Meals and trips are great opportunities to get to know your clients (and even your colleagues) outside of meetings and work environments.

The best thing I saw at CES that I need to have. I am accepting birthday gifts early.

9. What you’ll see at the show: lots of iphone, ipad and computer cases, smart phones, tablets and laptops, cameras, headphones in various shapes and colors and countless huge, 3-D TVs!

10. Technology innovation galore: remoteless TVs controlled by motion or voice, interactive shopping, headphones for mobile gaming to talk with fellow players, smart appliances, connected cars and ultrabooks.

11. Oh and no one told me that CES is the hot place that celebrities hang out! Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, 50 Cent, Dennis Rodman, LL Cool J and Snooki!

Who’s ready for CES 2013?

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