My Andy Rooney-Style Technology Blog Post

  • December 17, 2010
  • Helen Murphy

Yesterday, I was reading about some of the Bluetooth SIG Best of CES finalists. These products are amazing and just a tiny drop in the bucket of all the new tech out there. I am only 26 years old but technology has advanced exponentially since my childhood.

Growing up, my two favorite electronic toys were my Teddy Ruxpin and my Nintendo. Teddy would read me books, complete with moving mouth and blinking eyes – although I swear I saw his eyes blinking at me in the middle of the night once and made my mom shut him in the closet after that.  With games like Zelda and Final Fantasy, the Nintendo was an endless source of entertainment and also an endless source of sibling-discord, as my brother and I would often fight over the system.

Today, mobile phones could be more aptly described as mini pocket computers. I remember my family’s first cell phone.  It was as large and as heavy as a brick.  My mom would make me take it when I went out with friends.  I hated this partly because it was so not cool to have my mom calling me every 10 minutes and partly because carrying it around caused neck and shoulder pain.

Remember beepers?  I never had one, but I do remember a popular radio advertisement for the store JJ’s Beepers.  In his ads, JJ would always yell, “I am JJ and I am the KING of beepers.” I wonder what ol’ JJ is up to these days?

I don’t remember our first computer but I do remember our first computer game: Kings Quest.  It was an adventure game where you had to type in what you wanted your character to do and solve puzzles and defeat monsters accordingly. “Walk to haystack.” “Look in haystack.” “Take hammer found in haystack.” “Throw hammer at troll that is now gnawing on your foot because you woke it up while rooting through the haystack.” Seriously, this game rocked… and I apparently played a lot of video games growing up.

I remember the day my dad brought home a CD player. I can never remember where I put my car keys or what I need from the grocery store but I do remember the first CD my Dad bought and played on that CD player – Eric Clapton’s Greatest Hits.  My first CD player was bought with birthday and Christmas money I saved up.  It came with a free CD: John Tesh Live at Red Rocks.  My cousins still make fun of me for listening to John Tesh.

All this makes me wonder where tech will be in another 10, 15 years. Will we finally get the jet packs we were promised?

Feel free to chime in with your favorite tech memories from days of yore. I love waxing nostalgic about these types of things.

Image this guy blinking at you in the middle of the night! You'd be scared too!

2 responses to “My Andy Rooney-Style Technology Blog Post”

  1. Adrian says:

    I rocked a Teddy Ruxpin as a kid. I think he also doubled as my 1st stereo, jamming to an MC Hammer cassette tape. My first computer game was also King’s Quest. That game DID rock, but I only had the one where you play as the princess so I probably lost some cool points for that.

    There was the Playskool Alphie, Speak & Spell, Transformers…just about anything you could push buttons to make noise/light up. I liked pretty, shiny things. Apparently not much has changed!

    • Helen Rodriguez says:

      I loved my Speak & Spell Adrian… although Word’s spell check has set me back to pre-Speak & Spell ability as far as my spelling goes.

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