Moo introduces NFC business card

  • October 1, 2012
  • INK Team

This blog post comes from INK intern Cody Permenter.

It seems that Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is being used to do just about anything these days. Buying a bus pass, tracking sleep patterns and using mobile payments are all daily activities that utilize this technology.

Even the humble business card, perhaps one of the only mediums left untouched by modern day technology, is being brought into the digital age by with its new NFC enabled business cards.

These NFC business cards will feature an embedded NFC chip which can link to a personal website, portfolio, video or social networks. By touching your business card to an NFC-enabled smart phone you can transfer this information to the recipient of your card.

Moo describes the NFC chip as a “third side” of the traditional business card.

Moo’s move to incorporate NFC into business cards is something that I think could revolutionize the way we think about business cards. Is this a step toward moving away from paper cards and toward digital cards?

I think that Moo is taking advantage of a digital crossroads. A crossroads where people are wanting to make the move to digital, but also like the feeling of nostalgia when holding a physical copy of a business card, newspaper or any other media.

The NFC business card merges the physical and digital world to create a hybrid that today’s consumer can appreciate.