MapMyFitness @ SXSW: Keep It Weird. Keep It Tech. Keep It Fit.

  • March 10, 2013
  • Candice Eng

Austin-based fitness technology player, MapMyFitness, welcomed SXSW attendees, the health and fitness community and locals to meet the team powering the Internet’s largest community of fitness enthusiasts. With some tacos, a fun photo booth and demos of its latest technology and tools, MapMyFitness took part in the SXSW scene and leveraged the audience and innovation in town – without having to throw a big party, announcing big news or running down 6th street in a crazy costume.

With SXSW happening right in its backyard, MapMyFitness invited partners and friends, media (Greatist, Austin Fit, Austin American-Statesman, Entrepreneur), avid users and locals who were taking in SXSW this week to come network and connect about MapMyFitness, what’s happening in the health and fitness space and how innovation, technology and social communities are impacting the trends.

So here are some of the key ingredients to MapMyFitness’ SXSW plan:

Who: MapMyFitness. The largest social fitness network with 14 million-plus users brings together the health and fitness community of Austin with the technology and innovation of SXSW.

What: An open house that offers a casual, relaxing atmosphere to connect with industry experts and friends on tech and fitness. Also, throw in some Wahoo tacos, swag, photo booth along with demos of one of the best GPS tracking and mapping fitness platforms and gait analysis.

When: Take advantage of SXSW Friday. Pro – Panels don’t start until later in the day but people are in town and are looking for something SXSW to check out. Con – Some folks haven’t arrived in town yet, but if they express interest to your invitation, you can always follow up for a meeting later in the week or post SXSW. (Pro – you got your foot in the door.)

Where: MapMyFitnes HQ. Show them where the magic happens and let them talk to the team directly about their thoughts and feedback.

Why: As an Austin-based company in the tech space, MapMyFitness took the opportunity to educate, build awareness and be a part of not only the local community but the larger tech community with SXSW interactive.

Check out the open house set up!


 Photo shoots with fun props and check out the full album of MapMyFitness @ SXSW 2013


Swag and tweet central #mapmysxsw



Kyler Eastman, Research & Development Engineer at MapMyFitness a.k.a. resident treadmill expert, shows AppAdvice’s Robin Rhys what gait analysis is

Ready to get fit with MapMyFitness now? Check out the SXSW Brooks Cowboy Runs. Or just download the app and track all the walking you’re doing at SXSW!

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