Lucky #13

  • January 12, 2017
  • Starr Million Baker

If INK were a person, today it would be celebrating its entrance into the teen years. Often thought of as the years of angst, awkwardness, and defiance, our teens are also full of exploration, learning who we really are, and defining how we see the world. They are truly the time we begin to come into our own. And for that, we are excited to celebrate lucky #13! Like candles on a cake, here are 13 lessons learned over our 13 years of growing this teenager:

1. Vegas is a delightful place to spend the first week of January every year.
2. You can staff calls from bedrooms and bathrooms. (And yes, that is an indicator that it’s time to look for a new office. Check back in May for news on that front.)
3. Growth is good. It provides opportunities to work with new people (yay INK West crew of Allyse, Gabbie, Hilary, Bree, and Mallory), work on new things (beer! wine! food technology!), and go to new places (heads up: INK NYC opens April 1 with Candice leading the way!).
4. Don’t hesitate to hire during the holiday season. Otherwise, you might miss out on awesome folks like Shelley, Ariel, Kersa, Sara, Mya, Rachel, Madison and Emma.
5. If you treat them right, they will come back – again, and again, and again. Thank you to our current “boomerang” clients Eric, Mike and Jessi!
6. Keep a love of learning. This enables you to see a career path where others may not, like interns growing into designers (Ryan) and researchers (Abby), and first hires growing into partners (Blair).
7. Sometimes you won’t know what you need until it’s sitting there in front of you. And then you meet people like Kim and Emily, and it becomes clear.
8. Spiders are bad. Right, Helen?
9. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, a good, deep polar breath is in order. Cassie can show you how. Everyone needs to just breathe.
10. Alliteration never goes out of style. Just ask Kari, Caitlin, Kris, Candice, Kim and Kersa.
11. Always try new things. That’s how you get fun programs like the INKcast (thanks Joey).
12. Laughter IS the best medicine. And bangs do change lives (it’s a two-fer). Nicole can show you how.
13. You can live your mission statement. Good work with good people DOES make for a good life. Even a teenager would agree with that.

Got one to grow on? We’d love to hear it. Happy birthday, INK!

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