Lessons From a Longhorn

  • October 10, 2014
  • INK Team

October 10, 1900 was the first time the OU Sooners and the Texas Longhorns met on the football field. Since then, the two teams have become one of college football’s biggest rivalries. The Red River Rivalry, to be exact.

As a Longhorn, I understand the historical significance of this game. Winning isn’t just about the score; it’s about pride and tradition. Your alma mater will always be part of you and trust me, I bleed burnt orange. Over 100,000 people will be at the game this weekend cheering on their team, and it all comes down to strategy, preparation and drive.

You’re probably thinking, “What in the world does this have to do with public relations?” A lot, actually. Competition is everywhere and being the best team is what INK is all about. At INK we work with our clients as a team, to be the best we can be together.

So here it is: my top five qualities that make up a competitive PR professional. In PR, it’s always a battle to be the best.

1. Drive

To be the best, you have to want it. At INK, we are driven to be the best, and that competitive mentality helps us continually produce quality work and get awesome coverage.

2. Strong Willed

It’s our job to persuade a reporter in the value of story, so they can do the same for their reader. Some stories are easier to present than others, but it’s our job to think like a journalist and pull the most interesting elements of a story.

3. Strategic

They say some of the best athletes reach their full potential because they take a strategized course of action. Same goes for INK. Research matters when it comes to angling a pitch just right. And of course, we don’t mass pitch. We personalize everything we do.

4. Adaptive 

In the world of sports it’s incredibly important to adapt to each opponent. In PR, we constantly adapt. Whether a client requests a new focus or needs to solve an issue, we’re there. We are quick thinkers who know how to problem solve.

5. Teamwork

INK works as a team. Just like a sports team, we rely on each others’ strengths to produce the best work we can. At the end of the day, we take pride knowing we have done our best to “get the ‘W’.”

At INK we love to play this game that is PR. We strive to be the best. We work hard as a team and tackle issues strategically, with pride in all that we do to keep the INK tradition alive.

And never forget – Hook ‘Em Horns!


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