Landing Clients and Coverage with PointDrive

  • January 31, 2014
  • Kari Hernandez

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It’s no secret we love our software tools over at INK Public Relations and have blogged repeatedly about our favorites. From Harvest to Expensify to Box, these tools help us communicate and do our jobs better and faster than ever before.  Yet despite our willingness to embrace new tools for measurement, collaboration, tracking, workflow and all sorts of internal tasks, we were still using plain jane email with links and attachments for most of our content sharing and pitching.

It was love at first demo for INK and PointDrive. Our teams are constantly sharing content with clients, each other, prospects and media. Standing out and storytelling are central to our success.  Never before has a client’s technology become such a staple in the way I work – so much so that Stowe Boyd of GigaOm wrote a story about my PointDrive pitch.


At PointDrive’s launch in October, I began using the tool first to pitch the company to reporters as a demo of sorts, and then quickly moved to using it for coverage reports (drop in your story links and comments and update as the coverage rolls in), briefing documents (you can include bio, messaging, links to stories and even maps) and new business proposals. It’s so simple but makes such a dramatic impression, giving your content much more life, flow and personality. PointDrive recently helped INK win a contract with a large brand, allowing us to share our proposal with added case studies, examples of past work, and even a video of our account exec white boarding the strategy. The client was so impressed with the presentation of this content that he is interested in using PointDrive for his national sales team.

The kicker is this: PointDrive delivers feedback on when and how people are engaging with your content. In PR and sales, and all sorts of other professions, we’re left in the dark when we send an email. Now you know when your content has been received, viewed, downloaded and shared. PointDrive has helped us to more accurately gauge the interest of media and client prospects, as well as update content after its been sent because we can see it hasn’t been viewed yet.

We’re practicing what we preach here and thank PointDrive not only for being a great client but one that’s making us more effective communicators.

Kari Hernandez is the President and Co-founder of INK.  A boutique communications agency specializing in PR, brand and social services for consumer technology, B2B technology and clean energy companies.

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