• November 9, 2010
  • Blair Poloskey

As Beth posted recently, INK is running for Blue Dog Rescue again this year. I have written here about running several times, and I have written about my own Blue Dog, Jack. But I haven’t talked much about the white ghost, my littlest princess, the original fat face: Kallie.

Kallie is my other rescue pup. And since I only like broken puppies, you know she has to be messed up. The poor little thing has severe hip dysplasia. She has since she was a puppy. Her mother was extremely malnourished when she was carrying Kallie and, as a result, her little hip joints didn’t form like they should have. We have taken her to a hip specialist – yes, they have hip specialists for dogs – and we have discussed a complete hip replacement, some bizarre surgery where they would remove the ball of her hip joint (makes absolutely no sense to me). As of now, she is on joint supplements, has a different dog food, and has gone through several different pain medicines.

But the best thing for her is daily runs. Keep her weight down and her muscles strong. True, I love running. True, my health is improved when I am running. True, my clothes fit much better when I am running. But those are all paltry in comparison to watching Kallie hop around the backyard.

So this year, I am running FOR my pup, but I am also running for all the other rescue pups out there. And I’ll hit you up for cash closer to the race.

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