Introducing Miro 4

  • May 23, 2011
  • INK Team

After a busy morning, I’m coming up for air to say Miro 4 is officially here. Kari, Helen, Jess and I have been heads down the past few weeks preparing to introduce the open-source desktop media player and Android syncing solution to the masses. Miro 4 provides the type of robust media management experience people have come to expect from iTunes with the key differentiator of being open source.

With Miro 4, users can access, share and control their digital media free of proprietary constraints. For example, you can purchase media from virtually any online store; stream and download from any website that offers audio, video or torrents and stream and transfer media to and from other Miro-equipped desktops on the same Wi-Fi network. These are just a few things Miro 4 can do that iTunes can’t thank to its open-source capabilities.

As I mentioned, it’s feature-rich. Users can manage music including iTunes libraries, videos, playlists and apps in one place and sync to their Android device. This type of feature-rich desktop solution has been missing from the Android media management experience. Given the growth of this mobile platform, Miro 4 will address a BIG need for a BIG audience and halfway through day 1 of pitching, the media seems to agree. We’ve secured hits in ReadWriteWeb, Boing Boing, Lifehacker and GigaOm and are expecting more.

And of course, you should check Miro 4 out for yourself at







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