Introducing the Human Era

  • October 7, 2013
  • INK Team

This blog post is from graphic design intern Ryan Riggins. 

Last week, while scouring my RSS reader, I stumbled across a shared link from design blog Brand New that I have not been able to stop thinking about. I would consider it to be a  “must-read” for any professional looking to remain relevant in our ever-changing economy and society. The report was a collaborative study done by Lippincott and Hill Holiday titled, Welcome to the Human Era. ­

Over the past decades, our society has seen a significant shift in the way consumers interact with businesses and their brands. We have left the Institutional Era—the days when big business and industries commanded respect and trust simply for their stature and significance. Now we find ourselves in the Human Era, where technological resources have caused the spread of information to reach unprecedented speeds, resulting in the empowerment of the individual. The report compares it to the Reformation, which at its heart “held the belief that God and mankind could sit together eye to eye.” For this reason, in the Human Era, business requires transparency with consumers in order to create meaningful human connections, or “eye-to-eye contact,” between brands and the individual. The report highlights that, “Consumers are seeking not just to buy something, but to buy into something.”

If this summary has sparked your curiosity, you can download the full report. Along with the information mentioned above, the full report provides insight to discover which era your brand belongs to, as well as resources to help you transition your brand to the Human Era. Still not sure if this information applies to you? Maybe this test will help you see which era your company mindset falls into.


Welcome to the Human Era