Ep. 30: INKcast Mailbag with Starr Million Baker

  • April 27, 2017
  • Joey Held

We always strive to give listeners what they crave here on the INKcast. That can happen in a number of ways: with fascinating, thoughtful guests, showcasing great work from great people, or providing knowledge that’s hard to find anywhere else. Sometimes, though, you just need to go right to the source.

In this episode, Joey and Kim welcome INK’s CEO and co-founder Starr Million Baker into the studio to pop open the INKcast mailbag and take some questions from our wonderful listeners. We tackle topics like key performance indicators to look at to measure a campaign’s success, whether the press release is still relevant, and if it’s ever acceptable to “ghost” someone. Sorry if “Unchained Melody” got stuck in your head after reading that last sentence.

We also dive into how communications programs should go beyond traditional PR, including other aspects such as content, design, and social media.

“If I’m interested in a company, topic, or product, I’m using social media channels as my search engine,” Starr says. “It’s low-hanging fruit for where you need to be online. It should be a huge component of your digital strategy.”

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