Ep. 28: Meet the INKers with Hilary and Gabbie

  • March 30, 2017
  • Joey Held

The communications landscape is changing. It’s no longer acceptable for an organization to simply rely on media relations to drive their program and results. Businesses need a more integrated approach, combining media relations with content, social media, design work, and an overarching creative communications strategy.

In this episode, Joey and Kim schlep on over to WeWork to chat with a couple of folks from our INK West office, Hilary Livingston and Gabbie Mehan. The duo discusses the benefits of such an integrated approach, what they’ve learned since entering the industry, and their work with INK.

“You can’t just have media relations to succeed,” Gabbie says. “If you’re not supporting [your program] with content that shows your thought leadership and why people should care about what you have to say, or if you’re not promoting it on social and building up followers, you have no one to say [your message] to.”

Additionally, we talk about a few of Hilary’s and Gabbie’s favorite spots around town – shout out to First Draft and Fire on the Mountain – and the worst jobs they’ve ever had. There’s also some conversation about pie and Kim’s first foray into skiing.

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