Ep. 13: Getting Presidential with Twitter

  • August 25, 2016
  • Joey Held

On this episode of the INKcast, Joey and Kim are joined by Lara Lapin, Account Manager, Politics & Advocacy Sales at Twitter. Lara chats about her work with politicians, and how both individuals and brands can use Twitter to find success in their endeavors. In addition, she dives into the wide world of Twitter advertising, covering the most effective ways to spread your message. Lara also gives us a sneak peek at a few very cool features that just went live or are coming soon to the platform.

Joey and Kim are sad the Olympics are over, but not to worry – football is right around the corner! The duo discuss some of the cool partnerships NFL players and brands have, like Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly’s recent foray into Charlotte supplement company Eat the Bear. Kim comes up with her own startup business, and a variety of touchdown dances are discussed. Because when you’re successful, you gotta celebrate.

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