Words That Guide Us: INK 2015

  • January 6, 2015
  • Starr Million Baker

Instead of doing New Year’s Resolutions, we INKers like to pick a word to serve as our personal theme for the New Year (this is not an idea we created – we credit Austin blogger Tolly Moseley for the introduction – but it is one we can all get behind and appreciate). While sometimes they don’t always work out  (for instance, in 2014 my word was “Teach” and I’m pretty sure the world taught me way more than I did any teaching) in general, it’s an introspective exercise we all enjoy.

My favorite part of collecting these thoughts? That they are all unique, just like the people who work at INK. And that they are all inspiring. I wish everyone the best of luck in using these words to guide their 2015 because if we’re able to accomplish even just a fraction of the thoughts we’re contemplating, it’s going to be one helluva year.

At the end of 2015, I vow to get an update on how we all fared with our chosen word as our guiding light. For now, here’s the list – hold us to it! 

Helen: Invigorate

I want to learn new things, step out of my comfort zone and use the resulting experiences to infuse my personal and professional life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Ryan: Direction

My word has three meanings for me. First, direction means to instruct, to teach and to lead. I want to make a point of leading and teaching those around me, both personally and professionally. On a similar note, while I want to lead and give direction, I cannot overlook the direction that is given to me. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in 2014 and I hope to grow even more in 2015. Lastly, direction refers to progress, to moving forward. I have a lot to look forward to in 2015 with new work opportunities and marriage. I want to continue to move forward and achieve my personal and professional goals for this coming year and the years that follow.

Blair: Lean

In 2015, I plan to use my body and mind smarter and more efficiently. I look forward to 2015 being the year of lean.


I am going to stop and listen. Stop and engage. Stop and learn. Stop and think. Stop and know when to quit. Stop and exercise. Stop and drink some water. Stop and enjoy. Stop and say thanks. Stop and appreciate the hard, good work I, and my teams, do every day.

Rachel: Tenacity

In 2014, Murphy’s Law kicked into high gear and every decision, intention and effort I made was met with a roadblock. Having said that, I learned that if you want something badly enough and you fight hard enough, most of the time, you’ll get where you want to be in the end. Besides, when you look back, you never remember the hard stuff. You remember how good it feels when you finally get through it. I plan on broaching all of 2015’s endeavors with the same resolve and determination.

Lili: Create

The word I have chosen is create because I am starting a new life in Austin at a new company that inspires me to grow and develop professionally so I want to create a positive, happy life that sets me up for success in all areas.

Caitlin: Forward

I’m going to try harder to pay it forward this year – be a good neighbor, do favors without people asking, help someone who needs it, and inconvenience myself to do the right thing for someone else. The world needs more nice.

Shelley: Make

I’ve been in a rut of thinking about projects I want to do, but never actually getting around to doing them. I want to make things. Beyond that, I want to make commitments and stick to them. I want to make myself stronger and healthier. I want to make an impact at my job. I want make time for family and travel. I just want to make!

Kari: Connect

I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity to connect and be present with our staff, clients and community. This one also refers to my desire to connect great people with each other and to opportunities.

Ariel: Reach

This word has a few different meanings for me, but overall I feel that the word “reach” encompasses the attitude I want to embody both professionally and personally in 2015. Both at work and at home, I want to reach towards the goals I’ve set for myself this year and not let any setbacks hold me back.

Kim: Content

I like the fun double meaning.  I hope to live the year professionally and personally in a balanced state of being satisfied and not wanting more or anything else.  I also want the way I live and work to have significance and meaning.  Contented contentment.

Nikol: Interest

I want to look up from my iPhone this year and invest a genuine interest in the world around me so I can be more present, ask better questions, work my brain, learn more and connect deeper with colleagues, clients, friends and family.

Allyson: Energy!

I want to bring a great energy into every aspect of my life. Personally, I want to work out more, eat healthier, and be spiritually stronger to feel more energized throughout the day. Professionally I want to maintain a positive energy in my work. I believe that having a positive energy will make me an all around happier person. 

Starr: Fun

I enjoy so much that I do – especially my work, but I want to actively focus on the FUN that is life. I mean, we only get one of these so I plan to make the most of it and be very conscious of the fun life has to offer if only we’re open to grabbing it. I find so much fun in growing and evolving this company – which we’re going to do a ton of in 2015 – and raising two girls could seriously not be more fun, so I’m a lucky chick with a ton of material to work with here. J I plan to have a ton of fun in 2015!

What’s your word?

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