INK Wins PR Daily Digital PR Award

  • July 18, 2017
  • Kari Hernandez

Congrats to the INK SpiderOak team of Caitlin New, Emily Grossman, Ryan Riggins, and Madison Scullin on their recent PR Daily 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Award in the category of “use of visual design.” You can read all about it here on the PR Daily website and below. What was critical in the success of this content-driven campaign was 1) the team’s ability to analyze raw data and pull out interesting, unique insights for our clients’ key audience, and 2) to tell a story with that data in an attention-grabbing way that took into account mobile usage, shareability, attention span, and client voice and brand aesthetic. This is an example of what we call “the good stuff,” the stuff that leverages a new insight, breaks through the noise, and creates positive change and awareness among our target audience. Way to go, SpiderOak team!

SpiderOak Workchat Survey GIF

Congratulations to the winners of PR Daily’s 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards!

In 2016, Spider Oak introduced a new enterprise chat tool designed to compete with the likes of Slack, Hipchat and Skype. Strong security is one of the product’s strengths, but security wasn’t high on organizations’ list of priorities when it came to employee-facing chat. A survey to demonstrate just how pervasive the problem is made perfect sense.

Ensuring the results grabbed attention was another matter. Rather than the typical press releases and media pitches, Spider Oak’s communications agency, INK, shared the results in a format that would span the wide screens with which most people would view the document.

INK employed data visualization to show the results, accompanied by short bursts of text. The visually arresting document was distributed primarily to an email list of leads and targets. (Spider Oak does not collect customer information, consistent with its commitment to privacy.) The document opened doors to top-tier tech media and found an audience that shared it via social media.

SpideOak Work Chat Survey


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