INK West Moves to a New Home

  • August 15, 2018
  • Helen Murphy

We have a mantra we live by at INK: Growth is Good. Growth is a huge part of any successful business. It gives you the ability to do new things, work with new companies and meet new people. Growth also means that you’ll soon find yourself bursting at the seams in your old office space and in need of a move to new one.

Our INK West team has been growing steadily over the past two and a half years. What started as a team of four is now 13 INKers strong and an official Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work finalist. We had seriously outgrown our old space (or spaces – we had four different offices!) at WeWork.

Luckily, the perfect opportunity for a larger office space presented itself in the new Catalyst building in Denver’s RiNo district. Earlier this month, we officially moved over. We are now settling in and are constantly finding new things to love about our fresh space and neighborhood. Here are a few things we love, and that we think you’ll like as well.

INK West Move 

The RiNo Neighborhood

What we love: The Catalyst building is in Denver’s River North Art District (aka RiNo). RiNo is known for its eclectic mix of art galleries, street art, restaurants, breweries, bars, warehouses and, now, office buildings. It is a neighborhood that has something for everyone. We’ve just started exploring RiNo but we already have a few favorites places including the stores and eateries at Zeppelin Station, and the taco truck next to The Great Divide.

What you’ll love: World-class breweries like The Great Divide and Blue Moon are a short walk from our new space. Come for a visit and we’ll buy you a beer.

The Views and the Set Up

What we love: Our new space boasts a lot of windows, giving us a nice panoramic view that goes all the way to the Rocky Mountains. There is no bad seat in the office and the natural light and views keep us energized. We also have plenty of comfortable places to work, whiteboards to brainstorm on and full access to a rooftop deck if we need some fresh air.

What you’ll love: Our conference room has a view of the Rockies that is hard to beat. The building also has a lot of other great meeting spaces. We’ve got plenty of room to do brainstorms, Think Wrong exercises, and more with you.

Our Neighbors

What we love: Our new space is right next door to INK friend and client, Choozle. The Catalyst building also offers the best of both worlds when it comes to traditional office space and coworking amenities. We have our dedicated INK office on the 5th floor but we also have access to a coworking space on the 4th floor where we can meet others in the building, enjoy a change of scenery, and warm up our lunches. We loved our old WeWork space because of the community and creative energy that is inherent in a coworking space. We get that in our new office with this set up – and all without the community fridge!

What you’ll love: Being in close proximity to so many great companies means we can cohost fun events with them. On September 13th, we are cohosting Kegs with Legs with Choozle where we’ll be celebrating the official start of football season with beer, food, and games.

If you are in the area for this event, or at any other time, stop on by. We’d love to show you around.


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