INK Volunteers: A Local Run for a Global Cause

  • July 16, 2012
  • INK Team

For a break from our usual technology-centric work, INK has volunteered for the second year with Run for the Water (R4TW), an annual Austin run that benefits the Gazelle Foundation’s efforts to build drinking water wells throughout Burundi, Africa.

INK is among a team of volunteers—companies and individuals, alike—who donate their time, resources and expertise to organize the run. We’re the social media gurus, heading up the social media channels for R4TW and its parent organization, the Gazelle Foundation. (Links to all outlets below.) 

Connecting The Cause
Run for the Water has garnered a lot of attention since its inception five years ago, but this year we’re working with Austin-based advertising firm SandersWingo to drive home the connection of the race to the foundation. SandersWingo has done an impressive job rebranding both the Gazelle Foundation and R4TW so that they are clearly unified while maintaining distinct entities. 

We’ve carried this over to social media by giving the Facebook and Twitter accounts facelifts to reflect the new brand. We’ve also connected the two via Pinterest—the new Gazelle Foundation Pinterest page is home to updates about Burundi and global water projects, as well as running tips, gear and recipes for R4TW supporters.

This year is also the first that the Gazelle Foundation has launched a fundraising site. It’s the perfect home base for participants to form teams and fundraise toward a shared goal, and non-runners are now able to donate to family and friends.

We Have An INK Team
And the INK team is open to non-INKers because, well, the more the merrier! We want you to join our team in October at the next R4TW.

INK - Run for the Water

Some of us will take on the beautiful 10 mile course through Tarrytown; most of us will jog the 5K; and a few will bring their kiddos out in Halloween costume for the kids 1K. BONUS: We promise to provide clever t-shirts to all who participate on behalf of INK.

Want to help us break our fundraising goal or join us in the cause? Head to our fundraising page or email me at

R4TW: @Run4theWater / Facebook
Gazelle Foundation: @GZLFoundation / Facebook / Pinterest / YouTube


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