INK Values: How to be Effective

  • August 7, 2015
  • Starr Million Baker

We founded INK on four basic values – enlightenment (need to know), energy (love of the job), effectiveness (GSD), and efficiency (no waste). This month, we’re delving into effectiveness across our social channels – what it means to INK, what it means to our clients, and tips for getting it done.

“No one hires a PR firm to get nothing done.” To me, this is the heart of what we mean by effectiveness (or, effective execution as it’s also sometimes referred). Planning is extremely important – you don’t just take off in a car without knowing where you’re going – but, plans are nothing without execution.

At INK, we get done what we say we’re going to get done. That’s what GSD (“get shit done”) is all about. And we pride ourselves on analyzing our work (yes, PR can be measured) and using that analysis to tweak execution as needed.

How do we effectively execute our plans?

  • We stay on the same page. Our teams run like well-oiled machines, and we use tools like Slack, Todoist, and Evernote to ensure everyone knows what they need to know to contribute effectively.
  • We talk to the client. This seems obvious, but is so important, particularly in the tech industry where things can turn on a dime. Talking to the client is good for us in that we can stay abreast of what they’re up to, but it’s also good for them. We make sure our clients know what we’re up to at any given time so that they always understand the value we’re bringing to their business.
  • We prioritize. Prioritization is an art, particularly in a client service setting with competing requests coming from competing interests all the time. We are quick to understand what’s a sprint and what’s a marathon and we execute accordingly. Effective execution is just as much about what you do as it is what you don’t do. Our team excels at knowing the difference.

This is how we do it – how do you get s%&* done? We’ll be sharing all month on social, give us a shout and share your tips.

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