INK Tags SXSW with New Brand of Inspiration

  • March 8, 2013
  • Kari Hernandez

We’ve been INK Public Relations for a long time, almost 10 years. Today, we mark the eve of SXSW with a new logo and name that embodies our multifaceted, full-color approach to communications. INK: PR + Brand + Social.

But since we’re friends, you can just call us INK. You probably already do.

We’re making our mark this week but so are so many companies and individuals as they launch (looking at you Thread!), network, soak up the inspiration, and take to the stage at SXSW Interactive. This is our third year to sponsor the ACC Green Room (see 2011 thINK campaign and last year’s crafty geek Smilebooth) and we’ve continued our tradition of unexpected art by partnering with Austin’s best street artists Mike “TRUTH” Johnston, Lucas Aoki and Jason Eatherly.  We gave them a few words that represent SXSW to us – inspire, collaborate, wow us – as well as the goal of creating something that will entertain and, we hope, inspire the SXSW speakers who come through the room before they hit the stage.

We love this crazy mural that is itself a collaboration between artists and a melding of ideas and styles, much like this event. As we #tagsxsw with our new brand (literally, see stickers with INK brand and funky monster guy), we’re encouraging everyone here to put their unique mark on the event and influence new thinking and action. Wow us! We can’t wait.

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