INK Tackles Kickstarter

  • January 31, 2013
  • INK Team

Recently INK worked on its first Kickstarter project. ATOMS, a line of plug-and-play tech toys, raised $183,232 against its goal of $100,000, launching the toys into full-scale production and making them available to the public.

Along with creating content for the Kickstarter page and ATOMS website, we secured media coverage in Mashable, GigaOM, Wired Design, Wired’s GeekDad, Engadget, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, TechCrunch, BetaKit,, The Gadgeteer, ReadWrite and more. The team rocked the house.

ATOMS Kickstarter page

We were ecstatic when ATOMS crossed its funding goal on December 12th (well before its Kickstarter deadline of January 1st) and now that the dust has settled, here are a few Kickstarter lessons learned.

  • Your Kickstarter video is key. About two and a half weeks into the campaign, the team decided its current video wasn’t engaging Kickstarter visitors enough, so we overhauled it. After that, we saw conversion rates soar for people who watched the video and then backed the project. Get as many people as you can to watch your video before it goes live. It may resonate with you, but not with others and that’s key.
  • Don’t count on Kickstarter traffic to drive backers. Throughout the campaign, our highest sources of traffic included, Facebook and direct traffic. Being featured on the home page of Kickstarter (a huge honor!) sent us just 2.5% of our overall traffic. Be prepared to do your own legwork to get folks to your page.
  • Getting funded is just a piece of the puzzle. Some of the most successful projects on Kickstarter didn’t deliver product like they promised (we’re looking at you, Pebble), meaning the rest of us have a skeptical audience to convince. Getting funded on Kickstarter is great, but having a concrete plan to fill those orders is even better. People are going to be most excited about your product when it lands in their hands.
  • Have fun with it. A Kickstarter campaign isn’t an easy thing to do and can drain even the most dedicated of people. But there’s nothing like when your project meets its funding goal and what was once an idea starts turning into a reality. Enjoy the process and take a moment to think about what you’ve just accomplished.

If you want to check out ATOMS, you can visit their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter. Clearly we’re big fans.

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