INK Shout Out: Helen for CSID

  • February 23, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

We do great work around here. We should highlight it more. So, here’s a little story for your Thursday afternoon: 


Client CSID is an authority on all things online identity fraud related. INK thinks they should talk about these things more and position themselves as thought leaders in the space. Helen, account manager on our CSID team, took the bull by the horns on this recommendation and wrote three abstracts for panels at SXSWi. All three were chosen (via the gauntlet known as the “SXSW panel picker”). That’s pretty cool. 

And then there’s this from today:

CSID panel highlighted for SXSWi

Check out the share numbers of the blurb – 4446 on Facebook, 1386 on Twitter and 41 on Google+. Pretty sweet, and a good indication of a nice turn out at this panel.

It’s the idea – and the initiative – that just keeps on giving. Go Helen! 

One response to “INK Shout Out: Helen for CSID”

  1. Nicely done, INK and Helen! We’re excited about our panels at SXSW this year… some great topics to cover and some great panelists to cover them!!

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