INK PR as a second home

  • February 10, 2012
  • INK Team

This post comes from our wonderful, new spring intern, Susie Reinecke.

Take a minute to notice your surroundings. What are the colors on walls; how does the air smell; what kind of ornaments do you see? Ask yourself: how does this particular environment make you feel? Sometimes we can go our entire lives without acknowledging our settings and the effect that they have over us. I am a firm believer that environmental factors have a tremendous impact on our behaviors and mindset. Especially at work, a place where we spend the majority of our time, countless studies have shown that a positive state of mind can boost problem solving and creativity. My current employers at INK PR understand this way of thought and have consequently cultivated a workplace environment worth reflecting over.

Last week I started my internship here at INK PR. While I have only been here for a short time span, I can already say that I am thoroughly in love with this place. For the past few days I have been mulling over the question of why I am so excited to come to work each day. After some thought, I am here to tell you that this positive feeling is a direct response to the beautiful work place environment that I find myself in.

At first glance, the INK office is like any other house on the block. The team recently moved out to a residential area back in August of 2011. It sits on top of a prominent hill, aside the busy Bee Caves Road. When you step inside, it is clear that the owners, Kari and Starr, thought carefully about the interior design. While maintaining a household atmosphere, they have successfully converted this home into a charming workplace. Leaving many of the traditional household amenities untouched, INK is equipped with a pool, gym, backyard deck, and a grill (not to mention a closed off, but still slightly functional jacuzzi bathtub in one of the restrooms). While I haven’t utilized everything yet, just knowing that these kinds of facilities are at my disposal makes me actually view INK as a second home.

Adding to this homey feeling, I love the idea that my office was once a bedroom—yet beautifully transformed into a unique workspace. Kari and Starr gave the employees a rug allowance and the creative freedom to decorate their entire office from scratch. For instance, amid the turquoise colored accent wall of my shared office is a beautiful Vasily Kandinsky print that my dear officemate, Allison Glass , selected to put up. The floor is adorned with a simple, African style rug that ties the entire room together. Allison told me that she was encouraged to bring in her own furniture and to personalize her workspace. The bookcase along her wall, filled with Jodi Picoult books and other fiction titles, is a testament to this push to truly individualize each space. This idea of customization turns INK into a place where employees want to come into work everyday. Each room is but an extension of the team’s interesting and lovable personalities—a place they can each call their own.

Lastly, in regard to the INK team, I must say that the people here make me feel completely at ease. The dynamic is nurturing, yet business focused. While the PR industry is demanding and highly involved, INK does a resounding job at finding that work-life balance. As a whole, this team supports one another, always motivating each other to exceed their creative potential and productivity. I feel blessed to have found such a rich environment that I can thrive in. It takes a level of self-awareness to ask yourself just how your environment affects you and your work. Make sure you know what makes you happy! If you need some help, check out this article on ways to find happiness at work. It is a moral imperative. Ultimately, I feel as though I can work best surrounded by a beautiful workspace and a vivacious and supportive team. It is clear that this home office is but a reflection of the creative capacity of INK’s work and honest makeup.

Susie Reinecke at INK Public Relations

Susie standing in front of our yarn-covered INK letters

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