INK in a Different Light

  • April 5, 2016
  • Kari Hernandez

For 12 years, INK has evolved and grown as a PR agency through the work we do for our clients. Clients that span technology to clean energy to social good to craft beer. Clients who rely on a range of strategies and tactics, skill sets and relationships from their INK teams. Clients who are at varying stages of growth and leadership but all seeking PR as a strategic lever to meet their goals. That’s why when we decided to give our website a facelift for 2016, we realized that we could best tell our story through the work we do for our clients. We define PR by the needs of our clients and the opportunities that are available to them – so that means we don’t stop at the traditional – we leverage all the tools and channels at our disposal in the right combination for our clients. And that’s what we mean by “PR in a Different Light” and why we’ve included such an emphasis on the stories of our client relationships and successes. Our story is our work, and our work tells our story. Read on and we hope you enjoy the new site!