Indeed, a day I will never forget.

  • November 16, 2010
  • Blair Poloskey

The majority of my purchases have come off of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – an album written in 4 months 12 years before I was born. And yet I know almost every word. Kudos to my parents.


In a meeting earlier this week with the INK team we were tossing around ideas and topics to address on FreshINK and JLo said she wanted to write about how all the big dogs in tech are constantly trying to outshine each other – what with Apple touting today as ‘the day you will never forget’ and the Gingerbread noise still reverberating through the blogosphere – she was pretty disappointed to hear the greatest Apple announcement ever revolved around some additions to iTunes.

But I couldn’t disagree more. I just keep buying songs and I literally cannot keep the smile off my face.

One response to “Indeed, a day I will never forget.”

  1. JLO says:

    I would just like to clarify, I love The Beatles and I love that they were added to iTunes. However, I’d have to say that November 16, 2010 will likely be forgotten as the years go by. Make my iTunes wireless and perhaps that will commit to my memory. 🙂

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