Increase Efficiency with Muck Rack

  • February 21, 2011
  • INK Team

I have just started playing with Muck Rack and it’s making my job vastly more efficient. Efficiency being one of the four “E’s” of INK (the others being Energy, Enlightenment, and Effectiveness), I thought I’d share.

Muck Rack analyzes and organizes what journalists are saying on Twitter about the news. In other words, it makes it easier for PR pros to get their arms around this behemoth of a media channel and do more with the precious time that is easily sucked away by social media management. There are many ways to use Muck Rack in daily PR life but here are my favorite so far:

What is Trending and Who is Talking – On the landing page of Muck Rack (yep, look over to the right) is a link that tracks what is trending on Muck Rack. Remember, this is specific to top media pros which is arguably of more interest to you than what is trending on Twitter overall such as Justin Bieber’s new hair cut (#thebieberflip). Also, you’ll see, “The Leaderboard”. This tracks the most active journalists on Twitter at the moment. Go see what they are all in a huff about and interact.

The One Line Press Release – A 91 character tweet distributed on Muck Rack’s Twitter feed, posted on the Muck Rack press release page and featured on This is great because it actually makes PR pros do what they should but don’t always and that is keep the pitch brief. This will appeal to the busy journalist who doesn’t want to sift through a longer release. Of course, your 91 character release can include a link to fuller information (press kits, websites, multimedia, etc.) And it’s easily measurable. With URL shortners like or, you can track how many people clicked your link.

The Muck Rack Blog – Check out the Muck Rack blog. Lots of good stuff. Particularly the Q&As with reporters regarding how they use Twitter in their profession. The questions are always the same and PR pros will find regular queries such as, “Do you use other social media to connect with readers?” and “For journalists, what do you think are the most and least beneficial aspects of being on Twitter?” of particular interest. Others are just downright fun and interesting – like – “Who are two or three of the most entertaining / informative people – not necessarily other journalists – that you follow?”

The Muck Rack Daily – Subscribe to Muck Rack’s daily digest of journalistic Twitter activity. It’s like a friendly little knock on your door saying, “Remember all that social media activity you need to be right on top of all the time? If you got a bit preoccupied today…here’s the gist of it.” The digest breaks down what’s trending, the most linked stories of the day and some of the more interesting quotes from top tier journalists.

Check it out. Good stuff…

Other good stuff in here