The Importance of Space

  • July 18, 2014
  • Ryan Riggins

If you’ve spent any time in our society’s workforce, you know there is a heavy emphasis on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, that’s as basic as Business 101. Scrolling through headlines and Twitter feeds, I frequently see tips for maximizing working potential, productivity and creativity. The technology that many of us have at our disposal has provided us with an abundance of apps for tracking time and organizing your to-do lists, but I want to discuss a unique resource that (in my opinion) fuels productivity and creativity here at INK.


Yes, I’m talking about your workspace. There are all sorts of conversations about open offices, standing desks, ergonomically designed chairs; the list of trends goes on and on. Now, I don’t have an answer to which trend is best, but I do want to share some thoughts I’ve recently had on my workspace.

INK has seen a good deal of positive change lately, which means we’ve done some rearranging around the office. As I have been settling into my new spot, I’ve realized the importance of creating an environment where you can do your best work. At my new desk, I’ve been able to get myself organized and surround myself with items that inspire my creativity and encourage me to focus. Now I’m not saying in order to do your best work, you need go out and buy a filing system and some motivational posters, although if that’s what you’re into, go for it. What I am saying is that you need to create a space that you can own. I have had three different desks in my time at INK and my new desk is by far my favorite. It’s not the desk or the office, but the fact that I have taken the time to make this one my own and it feels like home (which is good because sometimes I spend more time at my desk than in my actual home). Exactly how have I made it my own? To encourage focus, I’ve cleared the clutter from the top of my desk and organized it in drawers. I’ve also positioned my desk in a way that limits distraction and gives me the feeling that it is my own section. Lastly, to give my space some personality, I’ve hung some of my favorite art and placed some sentimental items (photos and a vintage camera) on a shelf. That’s what has worked for me.

Here’s one more thought about owning your space. You have to know where you work best for the tasks you have to do. When I need to do design work, I sit at my desk where I have my large monitor with lots of room for creativity. When I need to write, I typically head to one of our extra office spaces where I can shut the door and zone in on the task at hand. When there are days that working at my desk or another office doesn’t cut it, I have the freedom and ability to work from home or a coffee shop (it’s a great INK perk for when you need a change of pace or space).

The bottom line is that for you to do your best work, you need to have a space that is your own and you need to know where you do certain tasks best.

Want to know more about creating your own space? Here’s what inspires us at INK.

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