Identity Protection at #SXSW

  • March 13, 2012
  • Helen Murphy

Identity and data protection seem to be odd topics to address at SXSW when it seems like the majority of festival-goers are over-sharing via Twitter, Facebook and the latest and greatest location-based social networking apps. Yet INK client, CSID is speaking on three panels over the course of the conference all dealing with how consumers and businesses can protect critical information like email addresses, passwords and credit card information.

It truly is an interesting topic that addresses an ever-growing problem (data breaches resulting in stolen customer info were at an all-time high last year) with no real solution. If a group with the right skill-set decides to hack your business, there is no stopping them. As a matter of fact, some businesses plan for and act like all their customer information has already been compromised and focus security efforts on confirming the right person is logging in.

The theme of CSID’s three panels is preparedness. As a consumer, preparedness means proactively monitoring your personal information for misuse, keeping an eye on your credit reports and billing statements and using common sense when creating passwords, sharing information and clicking on suspicious links. As a business, preparedness means, among other things, having a crisis communications plan in place that can be rolled out in the event of the breach.

Joe Ross, president of CSID, pontificates to the SXSW crowd

You can learn more about CSID’s three SXSW panels at Also, keep an eye on CSID’s blog for summaries of each panel. Lastly, be wary of what information you share during SXSW. You never know where it may end up!