I Remember the Days…

  • December 17, 2010
  • INK Team

Today Courtney, our intern for the past few months, celebrated her last day at INK. And by celebrated, I mean mourned, because our company is awesome and she is sad to be leaving us on her way to Houston. While I am relatively new to the public relations industry, it does seem like quite a while has passed since being “that new intern.” So, I would like to take a minute and travel down memory road to my first PR internship at CRT/Tanaka, a boutique agency located in West Village in Manhattan.

I remember my first day vividly. New to New York City, I decided that heels were a completely justified shoe of choice to walk 15 blocks every morning and evening, and thus began my first day on the job with bleeding heels. Not the impression every bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 19 year-old dreams of. I was also at this point sweating profusely because I had sprinted the last 5 blocks in fear of being late. I was greeted and escorted to my super-cube that I shared with two other interns, juniors in college like myself, who somehow dodged the drones of summer school to escape to the city for “a life-changing internship.” I use quotes because my parents needed a little more convincing to send me across the country for a job that paid $8/hr.

What was my first task as the new summer intern? Organizing a closet the size of my summer living quarters into product categories. Yes – I spent the first week of my supposed dream job stocking and counting samples of home medical supplies. Needless to say, the rest of my summer was a mix between interesting projects I might use in the future, like how to write a pitch or staff a media event, with a healthy mix of shipping products and coffee runs as well. Let’s just say by August I had mastered the Excel document and knew every staff member’s morning beverage of choice.

Every internship is filled with the highs and lows of being at the bottom of the PR food chain; but I can actually say I did learn from my first three months as an office shadow. Although dreadful at times, if you stick with it and put forth the effort, experience can be obtained.

Good Luck to Courtney on her new adventure!

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