How INK Stands Out

  • March 24, 2014
  • Starr Million Baker

I’m often asked how INK is different from the myriad other PR firms. After all, we all tend to say the same things. I answer that INK is different because of how we do it – personally.

We are successful in media relations not only because we have great relationships, but because we know how to build great relationships. We only pitch media one-on-one, no mass emails here. We do our research and work hard to understand what reporters need, and deliver on that. It works. Case in point – a few pieces of client coverage from the last six months: Forbes, WIRED, InStyle, ReadWrite, USA Today, GigaOm, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, CNET, FOX, AP, Washington Post, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

We’re successful in content creation and the use of social media channels because we’re smart, creative and nimble – and again because we don’t approach these programs in a cookie-cutter manner. We are a team of great writers – long form, or 140 characters, and everything in between. We are also endlessly curious and always on the hunt for the latest tools to do our jobs more efficiently or the latest platforms from which to share our clients’ stories.

And we’re successful in client relations because we get things done, we’re honest and transparent, we move quickly and believe in “quality quantity” and doing good work. We love what we do, and it shows.  These two philosophies guide our client relationships:

  • Be there before. Our clients hire us to see around the corner ahead of them where PR is concerned. It’s our job to go to them with ideas and strategies to use PR to improve their business results. And it’s also our job to “be there before” in terms of program management. If our clients have to ask what we’re doing, then they’re probably worried we’re not doing what they need us to be. We don’t ever want to put them in that position.
  • There’s always a better way. At INK, we don’t believe in doing things the same way they’ve always been done. If after thorough analysis it makes sense to do it that way again, so be it – but analysis and learning and thinking about a better way to run a campaign the next time are part of our DNA. We don’t approach PR with a formula, and we pride ourselves on analysis that fuels creative thinking.

Lastly, we love what we do and the team we do it with.  We absolutely could not be as successful as we are if this were not the case. Nothing beats blowing off steam with beer on hand on a Friday afternoon than doing it with people who motivate and crack you up every day.

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