How Do You Choose?

  • June 15, 2009
  • Kari Hernandez

In the five and a half years of INK’s existence, we’ve been fortunate to land many clients from all around the country and world, in a range of industries.  The vast majority of those companies came to us via other clients’ referrals – something we’re very proud of – but many also found and selected us based on our specific expertise (in wireless technology, for example), our approach to client service, how we present ourselves on our website, or even our inclusion in local/industry lists, awards and organizations.  We’ve redesigned our web site twice to keep it fresh and while our primary values and approach have remained the same, we’ve infused it with more personality, added experience and new perspectives over the years because we believe these aspects of our company are important to existing and prospective clients.  We’ve also all individually built our social media networks in order to reach new people, learn fresh ideas, and network with various industries – including our own.  We are not unique in this multi-channel approach and with all this information, how do companies choose their vendors these days? Once you’ve determined that a few companies can do or appear to be able to do the job, what is prioritized next?  Service?  Awards? Media coverage? Social media presence? Personality? Experience? All of the above?

We’re interested in this not just for ourselves, but for clients as well.  What features and methods should be prioritized in their communications strategies?  We’re doing a quick Twtpoll to get an idea. If you have 10 seconds, please fill it out.  I’ll post the results later this week.  Thanks!