Happy Six Months

  • October 11, 2011
  • Candice Eng

As of September, I have been with INK for six months! I believe this is the point in the relationship where you’re starting to get past the whole initial getting to know each other, the hesitation about what to say and how to say it, constant wondering if you’re being liked, remembering tidbits about the other person, and the “you can’t see me unless I have my make up and hair done” thing.

So my thoughts after six months…I think I’m ready to commit. After all, INK and I have been through quite a bit. So here’s what I’ve taken away so far…


Security, mobile payments, smart cards, online banking…and fraud possibilities for all of those are everywhere. (Thank you, Gemalto.)

How light is emitted through a bulb. (Thank you, Nuventix.) Next, how ink comes out of pens.

Bluetooth technology is not just a headset, and I am now slightly less freaked out by people who seem to be talking to themselves when using said headsets. (Thank you, Bluetooth SIG.)


Natural lighting is amazing – INK has moved into an amazing new office. I don’t think I could give up this up, with the TVs, the pool, the gym, knowing that it’s still hot and sunny outside in September. Plus, I’ve already decorated.

A good chair contributes to productivity – We have upgraded to some first-class chairs. The key is the ability to go up and down, roll, and have amazing back support. This makes you think less about wanting to lie down constantly.

I don’t think I know how to wear heels anymore – I have bought two new pairs and they’re still in the shopping bags they came in.

All INK babies are cute – This makes me more excited to view the baby videos and pictures that are posted, and see them in person. When I awww and make strange noises during such viewings, this is genuine.

Women can be drama free – I have never worked in a predominately female workplace setting before, and I thought it would be odd at first but it’s been refreshingly wonderful – talking about everything from books, music, movies, food, professional development, sports, and really anything and everything. These ladies are great connoisseurs of just about everything – including, of course, PR. 🙂


Working hard

Other good stuff in here