Happy Anniversary… to me!

  • April 4, 2011
  • INK Team

Exactly one year ago, I began my full-time gig here at INK PR. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, because I still consider myself “the new girl,” even though we have brought on four new staff members since my hiring. Living in the world of PR, one question that we hear more often than not is “how is your success measured?” For our clients, this means high interview to coverage ratios, increased awareness, successful social media campaigns, and positioned thought leadership; however in my personal opinion it’s through lessons learned, which include the following (in no particular order):

– You don’t have a TRUE Starbucks order unless you have to repeat it at least three times (Grande, decaf, Nonfat, Mocha, no whip… I am looking at you).
– Fridays are NOT a calm day, if you think this, you’re wrong. On that point, neither are summers, or Christmas breaks for that matter. Bottom line = down time only comes when you least expect it.
– Flipping your tube on the Guadalupe River = total rookie move. All experienced tubers stay dry (and bruise free) from start to finish.
– Mini-Vans are the new Range Rovers. Unless you have one, you just don’t know, right @millionbaker?
– Moving 4ft X 2ft wooden letters across Austin IS possible; with the help of 2 Man Movers, some illegal parking, and 24 knit-covered medicine balls.
– While it may seem like it at times, Dave Hernandez is NOT an employee of INK PR, just ask @karihernandez.
– Running 26.2 miles is easier said than done. I now know the true meaning of tired, thirsty and pain and would be worse for wear without the help of @nashwilliams and @jen_Lopez.
– Those weird looking fruit at Whole Foods that you think no one buys…people do. Just ask @helenrod – she’ll tell you exactly how to eat a kumquat.
– Weddings do not count as vacations.  While they may sound glamorous, they aren’t, and should be exempt from INK PTO.
– Speaking in tech code is a skill quickly learned, yet easily forgotten, LTE, EMV, NFC are NOT all the same. Trust me.
– Being the least knowledgeable in the social media space in the INK office does NOT make me any less reputable (or cooler)…right @poloskey?
– Unless a business lunch takes 2 hours and consists of at least 1 order of sangria and / or margaritas, it is not successful.

    Here’s to another year as busy, eventful, successful, and interesting. I am so lucky to love what I do and work with fabulous colleagues. Cheers!

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