Good INK

  • April 6, 2016
  • Kim Mackley

This past year, INK shortened up its mission statement to the catchy phrase of “Good work, with good people, makes for a good life. #GoodINK”. With our new website redesign, we wanted to make sure that we were highlighting how much we stick to this as a guiding statement and principle. Hopefully you’ll see that theme throughout our online presence. If not, I’ll be sure to talk to the copy writer.

It starts with good work. We bring it, everyday. Our good work lives in the stories we tell for the brands we represent. Good work means happy clients and engaged employees. Our clients chose us to help represent a really crucial role of their business and we don’t take that lightly. Good work is creatively over-delivering, making sure every single piece of the plan is tailored perfectly, and tracking everything we do back to the strategic goals we set out to achieve. Doing good work that you’re proud of is a special thing and we know we’re lucky to get the opportunity to do so. It’s also really fun.

Fact: It’s really hard to do good work without good people. Nearly impossible. So finding those good people, and keeping them, is at the core of how we make this place hum. We work hard on our culture (check out some of our more outward facing antics on Facebook.) and are obsessed with finding the exact right fit in our recruiting process. Good people don’t come in standard shapes and sizes, and the diversity of skills, personalities, work styles, and expertise we have on our staff is awesome and something that we are proud to have built.

So the not-so-secret equation for INK? Good Work + Good People = Good Life. We are a lucky bunch over here at INK PR, we know it, and we’re happy to share it.