Giving Thanks From INK

  • November 26, 2014
  • Starr Million Baker

Last Friday was INKsgiving here at the office. There were many new faces, and even one old one. We went around the room and shared our thoughts of thanks for the year and while I stand behind what I said that night, I wanted to take this opportunity to add a bit more.

I am so thankful for every member of my INK family. Let me count the ways:

Shelley, I’m thankful for your jump-in attitude and your unnecessary-but-oh-so-appreciated tea run today!

Lili, I’m thankful for how you handled yourself on your very first INK trip on week two, and every day since.

Kim, I’m thankful that you found us. October 22 will go down in INK lore.

Vi, I’m thankful for your quick wit and your serious face when you are listening

Allyson, I’m thankful that you know Texas-Texas-Yee-Haw, that you approach every day with a positive attitude, and that you came back to Austin.

Caitlin, I’m thankful that you love what you do, and even for your occasional NSFW outbursts.

Ryan, I’m thankful that you love new ways of doing things almost as much as I do. 😉

Nikol, I’m thankful for your calming, positive presence, and that my girls will have the memory of your wedding in their brains as they grow older (so much love).

Jess, I’m thankful for your amazing ability to be scary good creative ALL THE TIME. It’s seriously amazing.

Candice, I’m thankful for how much you care about the job you do, and how WELL you do it. You are a rock star, please don’t ever think you’re not.

Helen, I’m thankful that you do such a bad-ass job WFW – I’ve lost count of what day it is and I hope you have too. 😉

Blair, I’m thankful that I can hear your laugh all the way across the building, that you are never at a loss for the best words, and that you love these people and INK as much as me and Kari.

Kari, I’m thankful for (over) 10 years of amazing partnership with you. Look at what we’ve done! We should be so proud.

Thanks you guys, for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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