Gigaom Shuts Its Doors, Will Be Missed

  • March 10, 2015
  • Starr Million Baker

One of our very favorite tech outlets shut down last night. We were shocked by the news, and saddened for the reporters we had developed great working relationships with over the years, including Stacey Higginbotham, Barb Darrow, Katie Fehrenbacher, and Kevin Tofel. Others will write in-depth analysis of what went wrong – risky business model, lack of leadership, expensive talent, etc. (Sam Whitmore posted a great piece within SWMS this morning). This post will focus on what was right about Gigaom in the time we had the pleasure of working with the outlet:

Reporters knew their stuff. Seriously, each of the above-mentioned reporters are experts in their areas. From a PR perspective, this means our clients were talking to people who “got” what they were trying to do in their industries and understood (or could poke holes in) the stories our clients have to share. Gigaom’s level of expertise raised the bar on coverage of the tech industry.

Articles were thorough. I can’t tell you how many times we recommended giving a story to Gigaom over a competitor because the coverage from Gigaom would be more thorough, more in-depth – just, better. It wasn’t all flowers and sunshine (see next point), particularly because these reporters knew their stuff, but at the end of the day we always felt that the most complete article would come from Gigaom.

No bullshit. This is a comment on the reporters we worked with. They were fair, honest (some might say to a fault ;-)) and overall I feel that we always knew where we stood. The PR-reporter relationship can be fraught with distrust, and in my opinion it’s on PR to make that better. At INK, we appreciate the no bullshit approach. From these guys in particular, it made our jobs easier and for that we’re forever grateful.

We know these reporters will not only land on their feet, but continue to do great things in and for the tech sector. We wish them well in the next phase of their careers and hope to work with them all again soon.

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