Get Out the Vote: SXSW Eco 2012

  • June 25, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

It’s an election year. This means you will likely hear our government officials talk more about renewable energy, clean tech and ways to reduce our CO2 footprint in the next four months than the three previous years combined. Yes, I’m cynical. But one place that gives even the biggest skeptic a glimmer of hope by shining a light on real paths forward is SXSW Eco. In its second year, the show is growing and currently accepting submissions for speakers. We’re all over it. Do you care about energy consumption? Are you looking for a better way to be heard? Or are you wondering what green really means, especially in the corporate world? Then we have the panel for you. Please vote for us! Click on the below, create a login (if you don’t already have one), and then, yes, VOTE. Three steps – it’s that easy! 

Let There Be (Better) Light

Communication Strategies to Get Your Voice Heard

Green Spectrum: Blurring Business with a Movement


And then, come see us. Thanks. 




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