15 Firsts from a Fresh INKtern

  • February 24, 2016
  • Abby O'Connor

This post comes from INK intern Abby O’Connor. 


“I know it might sound like a cop-out, but I honestly am open to trying anything. My goal for this internship is to learn as much as I can in order to better understand my strengths and interests.”

That was me, interviewing at INK almost three months ago. Looking back, I admit that’s much too vague of a statement to make at an interview. It was genuine though, so I’ll try not to dwell on it. And now, here I am: a fresh INKtern. (I’ve never been called that, but wouldn’t it be fun if it caught on?)

With only 15 workdays under my belt, I already feel like I’ve learned more than I was imagining during that interview. From PR skills to workplace norms, everything has been new and exciting for this novice.

Here are 15 firsts from my first 15 days at INK:

1. First impression: Warmth. And that’s saying a lot because INKers seem to really dig their air conditioning. But warmth in their welcomes and in their dispositions.

2. First Tacodeli Monday: Self-explanatory and delicious.

3. First full workday: I told you I was a novice.

4. First client team: Dare I say, the best part of the job?

5. First professional email address: It doesn’t even end in .edu!

6. First press list: PR’s bread and butter. Let’s just say I was stoked to learn how to butter the bread.

7. First coverage report: I loved the challenge of finding patterns throughout the articles.

8. First editorial calendar: Kim asked if I knew what this was. I unconsciously responded with a confident “yeah!” That was a lie. I took a mental note to not act like I know more than I do. How will I learn, otherwise?

9. First conference call: Trust that I stayed silent. But just listening and absorbing was enormously valuable.

10. First team meeting via webcam: How can I learn to stop staring at my own face during these?

11. First mid-workday walk: Fresh air and exercise is a must in the business of laptop gazing.

12. First company-wide email: It took me much too long to compose, and I couldn’t think of a professional synonym for “holla.” But all of the replies were wonderful, as to be expected from INKers.

13. First assigned parking spot: It may be one part gravel, one part cement, and one part cobblestone (INK is growing fast and the parking lot is working hard to keep up), but it’s mine and I love it.

14. First one to the office: This isn’t even true. I can never beat Allyson. But I’m determined!

15. First PR firm: This list of firsts probably made that pretty obvious. Not to get all mushy, but I think I really lucked out with INK.

I’m positive that my next 15 workdays will come with just as many opportunities to learn and grow as these first 15 have. So let the Abby from three months ago know that she’s well on her way to that goal.

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