First Night of D: Dive Into Mobile

  • December 7, 2010
  • Kari Hernandez

So the first night of D: Dive Into Mobile is complete. The evening consisted of a cocktail hour, an on-stage interview by Walt and Kara of Andy Rubin, VP, Mobile Platforms, Google, a very late dinner and then shortly-attended “nightcap reception.” I sat down at a table for the main show and was joined by folks from Jawbone and a gentleman from Austin with a very interesting company (who needs assigned seating? ;-).  Andy Rubin may be my new “what TO do” example for media training as Walt and Kara did not disappoint. I wonder how tired he gets of comparing Android to Apple? Rubin introduced some firsts: Gingerbread running on the Nexus S, an NFC demo with a Google print tag (ex. for couponing, ticketing, mobile payments) and a prototype Android-enabled Motorola tablet with a new 3D version of Google Maps due out in days (VERY cool).  He also said Gingerbread would have added VoIP so you could add a SIP provider (how does that work with Google Voice?). No video calling in this version although he alluded to work in that direction. When asked about mobile payments, Rubin said he is “looking at this from an infrastructure perspective” and that Android does carrier billing integration already and operators have an efficient billing system that could create those scenarios.  Not quite the mobile payments scenario consumers have been hoping for but baby steps. There was lots of RIM and MSFT bashing; I feel for Joe Belifiore and Mike Lazaridis that speak tomorrow. . .

The line up tomorrow is amazing which is why I should get to bed and rest up! Follow updates on Twitter at #dmobile and @karihernandez.